quarta-feira, 11 de abril de 2018

REF: Contract No.100975 payment


REF: Contract No.100975/2018

I have sent email notification earlier, I am wondering if you received

below email?

"I attach proof of 1st payment made today for current invoices respectively.

Here's TT copy for confirmation attached.

Kindly check with your bank and revert if you received the payment.

** If you are not the person in charge , please forward this email to your

accounts person. **"

Please confirm receipt by return mail.**

Best Regards,


Daniela Mazzon |  Accounts Payable 

T    +31 (0)88 59 40 566 

F    +31 (0)13 46 70 610

W    www.tristar.eu / www.princess.nl


Tristar Europe B.V.

    P.O. Box 3189 | 5003 DD  Tilburg | The Netherlands

    Jules Verneweg 87 | 5015 BH  Tilburg | The Netherlands


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